It’s more than a machine to us...

We know and respect about how you take care of your equipment. We give you the proper value of your care for your units. We purchase with quick assessment and complimentary inspection nationwide.

Every unit of equipment has a different story. Every unit comes from different corners of Japan. They differ in type, condition, capacity and location. We are always ready to assist you to buy and sell your equipment without any service charge and extra costing. Please feel free to discuss:

  • if you want to sell your unit in a quicker and easiest way
  • if you just want to know the current market price of your unit
  • if you want to change your unit with a newer and better one
  • if you are stuck in problems with your accident or out of order equipment. We have engineers to repair or we can sell as parts.

We have strong sales network in domestic Japan and international market so we can give you the proper value of your equipment.

Shinsei Machinery Co., Ltd.
[Head Office] 4th Floor, RENOBLE NINGYOCHO, 6-4 Nihonbashi Tomizawachō, Chūō-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-6661-6470
FAX +81-3-6661-6471


  • Office Hours (Weekdays) : 9:00~18:00
  • TOKYO : +81-3-6661-6470
  • CHŪSHIKOKU : +81-87-802-9028
  • TŌHOKU : +81-22-797-1088

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales personnel can pay you a complimentary visit no matter where you may be. Offering you a high price for your unit is possible because our company directly trades with overseas end-users.
If you are in a hurry to sell, do not hesitate to inquire with us. From inspection and contract drafting to the unit retrieval and payment - all these can be done in just one day.

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